Agreement with shops and owners of livestock

The First Party is the owner of Meat Store websites and application. These websites shall provide services such as marketing and receiving food orders via internet. The website shall provide users thereof with control panel for meat, chicken and sea food in addition to placing their order easily via internet. Based on the desire of cooperation between the parties to promote and deliver the products of the Second Party, the parties have acknowledged their contractual competence. This contract shall substitute any previous agreements whether written or verbal, and this agreement may not be amended without written letter signed by both parties.


1- The term of this contract shall be (six months) starts from signing this agreement OR by Create an account in the app. The agreement shall be automatically renewed after the expiry of the contractual term, unless terminated in writing by either party. Both parties shall have the right to terminate this contract under written notice sent to the other party 30 day prior to the date defined to stop transactions provided the settlement of all financial affairs and invoices.

2- The second Party shall subscribe on the online ordering website and application of the First Party, and to receive, prepare orders sent through the different channels of the First Party.



Based on the aforementioned, the parties agreed to the following:

1. Commission:

1.1. For Exclusive the Second Party shall pay the monthly service fees which values 3% of total amounts of picked up orders from the stores to the second party.

1.2. For Non-Exclusive the Second Party shall pay the monthly service fees which values 7% of total amounts of picked up orders from the stores to the second party.

1.3. Value Added Tax to be implemented based on the “ VAT Implementing Regulations” in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


2. Obligations of the First Party:

Throughout the contract term, the First Party shall:

2.1. The First Party shall provide the Second Party with portal page access to receive orders from the first party.

2.2. The First Party shall provide the Second Party with optional promotional and marketing services via the First Party application against a pre-determined price which may be changed.

2.3. For online payment The First Party shall be responsible for collection from Customers, amounts collected are the amount of the invoice from the Second Party with the delivery fees of the First Party added thereto and will be monthly reconciliation of the paid online orders and their amount shall be deducted from the invoice payable by the Second Party.

2.4. For paid cash payment and using The First Party driver, The First Party driver shall pay the order amount when picking it up from the store, given that the order is paid cash from the customer.

2.5. For paid cash payment and using The Second Party driver, will be monthly reconciliation of the paid cash payment and using The Second Party driver orders and their amount shall be deducted from the invoice payable by the Second Party.


2.6. The First Party shall be required to compensate the Second Party for the amounts added to the Customer’s balance and which are provided by the First Party to its Customers. Those amounts shall be deducted from the total balance due on the Second Party, after performing the accounting settlement and matching, within two weeks of the date of settlement.


3. Obligations of the Second Party:

Throughout the contract term, the Second Party shall:

3.1. Ensure that the menu data is identical to what is in the store regarding items, pricing and working hours, and shall inform the First Party at least two days before any previously defines changes resulting in cancelling the order, except for emergencies such as technical problems in the Kitchen or running out of certain item without prior notice. The First Party shall ensure that the Second Party has the potential for modifying these data on its own.

3.2. Ensure all the available potentials for meeting all orders of the First Party (foodstuff, human resources and equipment) according to the agreed delivery date written down by the Second Party upon receiving the order.

3.3. Understand that the customers of the First Party expect perfect services and any resentment against provided services shall make both parties lose such customers. Therefore, the Second Party shall fulfill all obligations hereof and provide all customers with distinguished, full and expected services from any meat store.

3.4. Second Party is fully liable for any missing item of the order. In such case, the First Party shall compensate its customers, and shall inform the Second Party of missing items.

3.5. Comply with the rules and obligations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to ensure the quality of food and the Second Party shall be solely liable for the safety and quality of the

delivered meat. It is agreed by parties that the First Party shall never get involved in preparing or packaging food and therefore the First Party may not be liable for any complaints or claims relevant to food.


4. Meat Store Bill

The First Party shall send the invoices payable by the Second Party at the beginning of each month with a company invoice, including all the store and branches registered under one commercial register by email. The details of each store shall be attached to the invoice, with giving system by creating a username and password for the second party.


5. Payment via Internet:

Parties agreed that First Party’s Customers shall have the right to purchase the Second Party’s products and to be for electronically in websites and apps of the First Party. Furthermore, the Second Party shall be required to pay Bank fees estimated at 2.5% of Transaction’s value at the amount deducted by the Bank in each transaction. The First Party shall be required to register the electronic transaction made during the whole instant payment to the Second Party’s Account debited to the First Party by deduction from the payable from the same month. In case there is a balance due to the Second Party, the First Party transfer it after matching is being conducted with the Second Party within 1 week of the end of the month subject settlement.


6. Price Obligations:

The Second Party undertakes the prices that the price offered to the First Party are the prices declared for all customers, which are announced through the First Party in application, website or telephone. All discounts or promotions of the Second Party shall modify the First Party of any differences in prices and requite its amendment. The Second Party aloe shall responsible for matching prices on the website. If the Second Party defaulted to do so, it shall accept all orders at the prices written until modifying them.


7. Use of logo, images and trademarks

The first Party shall be entitled to use the logo, images, trade name and trademarks of the Second Party, including their usage on the First Party Website and in its marketing and promotional campaigns. The Second Party shall have the right to review and approve the designs before marketing if it is formally requested before each campaign.


8. Marketing:

As part of the first party’s effort to market the second party’s store, the second party agrees to participate in the first party’s discount programs, which the first party grants to the customers of its applications. Theses discounts start from 10%to 100%. The second party agrees to accept all these programs announced by the first party. The first party shall deduct the value of the discounts provides by the First Party to its customers at the end of the month of the campaign from the balance payable by the Second Party, provides that any amounts due to the Second Party shall be refunded after the settling and matching them within two weeks of the settlement date.


8.1. The marketing agreement shall include the approval for making a marketing program for the Second Party within it is branches, with the consent of the parties to the mechanism the marketing program for each campaign, whither it is temporary or permanently (including

the scope of marketing or any other publications). The Second Party has the right to review and approve the designs of marketing if it formally requested that before each campaign.


9. Excellence & Premium Program:

If the Second Party is not having any agreement with any competitors to the first party and is dealing only with the first party regarding the delivery services. In such case, the Second Party will get the following features:

9.1. 10% discount of the total payable commission to the first party. (Maximum 10,000 SR)

9.2. Reduction of (2 SR) from the Delivery Fees within first party application which gives an extra advantage to the store.

9.3. Free monthly advertisement in social medial platforms of the first part.

9.4. Reduction of (4%) of first party commission, so that the commission will be 3% instead of 7%.

9.5. First Party will bear the cost of all cancelled orders after being prepared and picked up, cancelled orders will not be returned to the store taking that the second party is activating following the service level agreement.

9.6. Free delivery for one Day/Month determined by the first party based on the available resources.

9.7. Second Party store will be marked with a unique sign within the store’s list.

9.8. 30% discount for any marketing activities within the first day application.

9.9. Expanding the contract to one-year duration.

9.10. In case the first party proves that the second party is dealing with any application that is competitor to the activities of the first party during the term of the contract, all these privileges shall be amounts presented within excellence program. The contract and the rest of the terms shall be followed with no violation and commission shall be 20%.


9.11. The first party shall issue a monthly statement showing the value of the amounts received by the second party within the excellence program. The second party shall pay in case of violation of the item of excellence.


10. Confidentiality and credibility:

10.1. The parties shall agree that any exchange of any information, under this Contract, does not in any way result in any existing and future partnership (unless otherwise specifically provided in this contract).

10.2. Each Party shall agree not to publish or distribute (whether in writing or in electronic from or otherwise) any public announcements, press releases or other marketing or promotional advertisements relating to the content. performance or execution of this contract without the prior written consent from the other party.

10.3. The parties shall agree that all verbal and written correspondences and agreements shall be highly confidential, and the First Party undertakes not to share any information related to the Second party, such ad sales or experience information, with ant third party.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract shall be subjected to the provisions of the applicable regulations and in the case of any dispute between the two parties, God forbids, it shall be resolved amicably in a maximum period of fifteen (15) days. If the dispute is not resolved amicably, it shall be referred to the

judiciary for adjudication and the court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be competent to adjudicate any dispute that may arise between the parties for their legal effects.

12. Signature

In the event of the signing of this contract, the parties shall agree on the said provision, and in the case that the person signing the contract is authorized by the owner of the store, a copy of the official authorization must be attached.


13. Contract’s attachments

This contract includes one attachment (Service Level Agreement) and in case of any breach of the contract by the second party, the contract shall be deemed null and void.